New to mining? Want to know the minimum requirements or qualifications needed to work on a mine site?

The licences, tickets and qualifications you need to hold to work on a mine site vary between each company, site and state.

The licences and assessments typically considered a minimum requirement across Australia are:

Pre-employment medical

A pre-employment medical is carried out to ensure you have a sufficient level of health and fitness needed to safely perform the tasks required of any role. The medical usually consists of a physical assessment and questionnaire which covers lifestyle, medical history, COVID vaccination status and current level of health.

Pre-employment medicals are only valid for a certain period of time and may need to be renewed once you’ve successfully secured a role.

Drug and alcohol test

All sites Australia-wide require you to pass a drug and alcohol screen prior to entering site. PYBAR has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy and drug and alcohol tests are carried out on site randomly on a regular basis.

Security clearance

Security clearances vary between client companies, states and sites, however a National Police Check (NPC) is usually a minimum requirement.

Vehicle licences                

Most sites will require you to hold a current Australian manual C class drivers’ licence, with some roles also requiring a Heavy Rigid (HR) licence.

PYBAR run regular recruitment assessment days at various locations for those looking to get into the mining industry. We then offer a 4 week training course to prepare you for the work environment and safety requirements and protocols within mining.

For your application with PYBAR to be successful, candidates must pass and possess all mandatory requirements. During the recruitment process, our Human Resources team will advise you of the pre-requisites and assist in making arrangements for these to be completed.

To improve your chances of a successful application, make sure you have a current NPC and relevant vehicle licences and provide copies of these with your application. Good luck!

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