PYBAR’s Graduate Program

Are you currently studying Mining Engineering and looking to pursue a career within the mining and resources industry?

Our integrated two-year mining graduate program provides hands-on, structured training and a smooth transition from study to a rewarding career.

We want to develop a future leader by providing you with the opportunities and support to grow with the business.

Our graduate program consists of four stages, with each providing the opportunity to work alongside industry experts, receive executive mentorship and help solve real business issues.

1. PYBAR Induction

As a new member of the PYBAR team, get to know the business from our values and culture to our internal processes and protocols.

2. Operational Role

You will have the opportunity to be involved in the frontline operations of the business on-site, learning a range of processes, working with the service crew, getting a taste of the daily tasks of a machine operator and familiarising yourself with the maintenance process.

3. Managing Role

Here you will transition from frontline work to a supervisory role, focusing on developing team management and leadership skills. During this stage, you’ll obtain your Managers Tickets or WA Shift Bosses Certificate.

4. Further Development

Upon completion of the program, you’ll be able to identify pathways and specialised areas you wish to pursue.

Based on skills, preferences and areas of expertise, we’ll place you in a meaningful role within the business, such as an estimator for tendering projects or a project engineer on-site.

We partner with industry bodies such as AusIMM to provide you with industry-wide exposure and opportunities, with our program providing a pathway into the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program.

If you’re interested in applying for a position on our graduate program, read more on how to apply for our graduate program or email