Last year PYBAR welcomed Bram Connolly DSM to our team in the newly created position of Supervisor Trainer.

Bram’s role, heading up our leadership training across the company, is part of our continuing commitment to the ongoing professional development and learning of our people.

One of Bram’s first initiatives was the roll-out of an exciting leadership program for our shift supervisors.

The two-day workshops, which have been held in Perth, Sydney, Townsville, Brisbane, Orange, Canberra and Tasmania to date, were designed for our dynamic, fast-paced and challenging working environments and exposed supervisors to day-to-day leadership problems they were likely to encounter.

Over 80 of our underground mine shift supervisors have now participated in workshops to equip them with the knowledge and techniques to lead with confidence!

A respected leader

Bram had a distinguished career in the military where he spent two decades within Australian Special Operations Command.

He has held several leadership positions within Special Forces, including within the Australian counter terrorism response team and officer in charge of selection for Special Forces, culminating in his appointment as the international engagement officer for the Australian Special Operations Command.

This December Bram will be organising project manager-level leadership workshops and further ongoing training action plans.